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In these documents, we will learn how to work with KAGSA language and how to write professional code. You can get certified after passing a simple test as an encouragement from us to the KAGSA community.


This page will help you .. How to Download KAGSA ?

Code Editors

Until now you can just use syntax highlighting in VSCode and Notepad++

Command Line Usage

kagsa [run:<filename>]
              [lib:-l <filename> -o <output>]
              [version: -v --version]
              [updates: -u --updates]
              [help: -h --help]

you can use kg or kagsa for call kagsa in your terminal.


this is for run a kagsa file, file is must end with .kg

kagsa file.kg

Build a Library

this used to create library from .kg file

you will learn how to write a library later

  • -l : library

    • this is the input file
    • must end with .kg
    • required
  • -o : output

    • this is the output file
    • must end with .kgl
    • required
kagsa -l file.kg -o file.kgl

KGL files is a kagsa library extention


this will give you the current kagsa version

kagsa -v
kagsa --version



this will check if there a new updates on github

kagsa -u
kagsa --updates



this will print help message

kagsa -h
kagsa --help



if you call kagsa without any argvs this will take you to a kagsa console, write your codes one by one.



setup the library next to the source code of KAGSA kagsasrc/libs, so that you do not need to add the library to your project folder.

kagsa --setup LIB.kgl
kagsa -s LIB.kgl


is to unsetup a library that you setup before.

kagsa --unsetup LIB.kgl
kagsa -us LIB.kgl


and it is used to delete temporary files Which KAGSA used, always when you call a KGL library to your project, KAGSA will create temp files to call it, so it is better to delete them every once in a while.

kagsa --cleantmp
kagsa -ct

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